Financial Fortitude Radio Show

Dale Creed Francis – Author, Speaker & Radio Personality | Creator Preventative Wealth Care

Ryan Litfin – Author, Speaker & Radio Personality | Creator Preventative Wealth Care

Many financial and economic based shows leave listeners frustrated, angry, confused, or even misinformed. Financial Fortitude cures this frustration and confusion by informing and educating on the real world issues and pitfalls investors need to avoid as well as the latest investment innovations and solutions you can quickly and easily implement to protect and grow your own personal wealth. The Financial Fortitude radio show is your best and most entertaining source for the financial and economic news you need to achieve your financial goals.

Every day, co-hosts Dale Creed Francis and Ryan Litfin deliver up-to- date financial and global economic news and helpful tips. They also expose and attack financial problems head-on during the “Economic War Report”™. With their unbiased and unfiltered approach, Dale and Ryan bring you the solutions that actually work.

Financial Fortitude tackles the most important investment topics such as principal protection, growth strategies, lifetime and intergenerational income strategies, non-correlated asset classes, the Nobel Prize Winning Modern Portfolio Theory, Social Security Maximization, Hybrid Self-Directed IRAs, alternative investments, tax reduction strategies, Hybrid Investment Vehices, global economics, and so much more!