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About the Show

Financial Fortitude, with co-hosts Dale Creed Francis & Ryan Litfin, is America's Investor Advocacy Show!

And the show's slogan

“Not just exposing the PROBLEMS, but providing the SOLUTIONS”©™ is exactly what it lives up to. They expose and attack the problems head-on in their weekly segment appropriately titled the “Economic War Report”©™.

Then, unlike many other financial shows, which leave listeners frustrated, angry or confused, they seek to inform and educate you on solutions you can quickly and easily implement to protect and grow your own personal wealth such as true and proper diversification among uncorrelated asset classes, the significance of utilizing the Nobel Prize Winning Modern Portfolio Theory, Social Security Maximization, divergent asset classes, IRAs, alternative Investments, creating lifetime income, and so much more!

And providing solutions doesn't end when the "ON AIR" light goes off. Ryan Litfin & Dale Creed Francis are committed to delivering clear and concise approaches that nearly everyone can benefit from. Bottom line is that they’re passionate about informing you on strategies that they believe can help protect you financially. They achieve this through complimentary lunch and dinner forums or private consultations focused specifically on helping you understand how and why they believe it’s imperative to get properly diversified across uncorrelated and divergent asset classes.

Ryan Litfin and Dale Creed Francis seek to give you the most relevant information and unbiased perspective as if your roles were reversed.


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